Tree Trimming and Removal

As top tier residential and commercial landscaping professionals, we have the experience and equipment to complete both large and small jobs safely and quickly and leave your trees looking beautiful. Our crews are highly trained in proper tree care, follow ANSI Standards, and experienced working in a wide range of environments including:

  • Large estates
  • Suburban neighborhoods
  • Vacation homes
  • Office Parks
  • Residential Communitiesand more.

To discuss our complete list of tree services to fit your individual service needs, call LandVilla Outdoor today.

Regular Tree Service Helps Maintain the Value and Enhance the Appearance of Your Property.


When it comes to tree removal trust the experts at LandVilla. We specialize in all types including large and dangerous tree removal, have an experienced staff, use state-of-the-art tree equipment, and professionally tested methods in our process.

At LandVilla, we can help in determine whether or not a tree can and(or) must be removed and discuss the safest way it can be accomplished. There are several reasons for removing a tree, some of which include:  Tree is dead, Tree is affecting the growth of other trees, Tree has an incurable disease, Developing a new structure, Replacing tree with another, Tree is considered hazardous. Call us today for a free assessment.


LandVilla specializes in palm tree trimming, pruning and removal jobs of any size. Proper tree pruning promotes healthy new branch and leaf growth and reduces the likelihood of storm damage from unattended limbs. Our experienced tree trimmers will cover fragile items and work in a safe manner to ensure no damage occurs on your property.

Palm trees are not as drought resistant as you may think. Healthy palms planted in turf need occasional deep watering in addition to sprinkler irrigation. Palms should also have a mulched area around the trunk so not to get nicked from weeding equipment that can introduce disease. All palm tree trimming prices include trimming and skinning the trees to your specifications, clean-up, and haul-off.

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