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  • Drainage SystemsInstallation and Maintenance

    Drainage Solutions

    There are many symptoms of poor drainage: pooling water, rotting plants and soil, insect build-up. Solutions to these problems may require among other things: burying pipes from your downspouts, installing french drains and catch basins or grading swales on your property.

    Proper drainage and grading allows your business or home to be protected from water and provides the foundation needed for plants and grass to thrive. Call to schedule an appointment today, and we’ll properly discuss and design a drainage solution that’s right for your property.

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    French and Surface Drains

    Standing water is typically a symptom of a more severe issue that when unchecked can often lead to bigger problems with your landscaping and foundation. One of the most common solutions for standing water or inefficient drainage in your yard is a French Drain system. French Drain systems use a slightly sloped trench filled with gravel, and a perforated pipe that collects water and carries it away from your yard. Surface drains are a landscaping element added to the surface of your yard that acts as a drainage for a soggy lawn or water pooling after it rains.  Surface drains lead water away from the home, structures, or areas where it pools, and into a main drainage system.  They are an excellent way to evacuate water quickly, and will help keep your yard healthy and beautiful.

    Sump Pumps and Wells

    When your home’s foundation sits below the water table, or tiered landscaping trap rain runnoff at its lowest point, standing water can become a major issue. Using a pressurized water supply or an electrical system, the sump pump works to transfers water away from the house to a safer place. The two types of sump pumps available are generally known as pedestal and submersible, use your home’s electrical system to run, and use a sump basin to collect the water from around the foundation, crawl space, or basement. At River Oaks we will evaluate the situation, design an efficient drainage system that protects your home and foundation, and assist you in the proper selection and professional installation your sump pump or well.

    Grading and Retaining

    Anytime the surface’s grading causes water to pool in certain areas or the slope of your land is leaning toward your house, your property might experience structural damage. One solution for this kind of drainage problem is surface regrading or yard resloping. Both regrading and resloping involve moving large amounts of soil, and often some landscaping and hardscaping as well. Retaining walls, when implemented properly can be an effective yet aesthetic tool almost any property’s water management cycle. In addition to their beauty and elegance as a hardscape focal point, retaining walls also serve to: manage drainage, support slopes, level out areas, and add elements of design to your landscape.


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  • Watering SystemsInstallation and Maintenance

    Watering Systems

    Throughout the Northern Florida landscape sprinklers are a beneficial addition to any home or property. With a new automatic sprinkler system installation, you add value to your home.

    • Maximizes the time and money
    • Avoid over-watering and under-watering
    • Conserve water and lower utility bills

    At River Oaks our landscape and irrigation specialists work with property managers, developers, and homeowners to install reasonably priced systems that provide a lasting enhancement to your outdoor environment. 

    We will also diagnose, troubleshoot, and repair both small and large jobs to provide regular repair or replacement services.  We also lawn sprinkler system design and installation for any size. Put our irrigation design-build-repair services to work for you.  Call for a free estimate.


    End-to-End Commercial and Residential Irrigation

    • Sprinkler Installation

      The biggest perk of an automatic sprinkler system is the reduction in the time you spend on yard care. It allows homeowners to enjoy their landscapes while letting the system do the work efficiently.

      Add value to your home, and have a River Oaks automatic sprinkler system installer assess your landscape and create an optimal design that helps you maintain a lush, beautiful and healthy yard today.

    • Repair and Maintenance

      At River Oaks our irrigation specialists are experts at repairing and optimizing your sprinkler system to work at it’s best. In addition to maintaining your system we regularly service broken sprinkler heads, seal leaks, clean clogged lines, and repair or replace damaged (sometimes broken) components. We work with all sprinkler brands, and help restore your system then maintain it on a regular basis.

      During the initial assessment and throughout the repair and maintenance process, each zone is evaluated and thoroughly checked for: Valve Locations, Leaks, Cracks, Clogs
      Broken pipes, Damage, Wet spots, Sensors, Electrical Components, Poor Spray Patterns
      and more.

      If your sprinkler system isn’t functioning at its best, let a qualified River Oaks irrigation specialist evaluate and restore it today.

    • Reconfiguring

      One of the most common irrigation requests we have at River Oaks is the rerouting and reconfiguring of sprinkler heads. In addition to dry areas: general plant or weed growth, new lawn features, and paver projects are a few of the many reasons why customers call us to reconfigure their irrigation. If you’ve noticed certain areas of your lawn are missed or are not thriving, it may be time to have your sprinklers updated.

      Our professional irrigation technicians at River Oaks are qualified to assess, discuss, and implement well thought out and cost effective watering strategies to fit the climate and area you live in. As your lawn grows and the features you add to it multiply, let the professionals at River Oaks handle your irrigation rerouting and reconfiguring needs.

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  • Outdoor KitchensInstallation and Maintenance

    Outdoor Kitchens

    Outdoor kitchens extend your living space outside and add an entertainment feature to your yard. Their popularity and When designing the right outdoor kitchen for your home or venue we take into account a variety of factors and include many modern features trending today in the outdoor space arena.

    Durability – Traffic, weather and maintenance. Location – Optimal placement for an outdoor kitchen in your yard. Appliances – Grill, sink, refrigerator or other appliances. Other features – Fire pit, storage, lighting, pizza oven, counter seating, bar, or patio cover. Materials – Stone, pavers, concrete.

    Let the design professionals at River Oaks help you design a custom outdoor kitchen that maximizes you outdoor living experience.


    A Variety Kitchen Applications to Match your Style

    • Brick Pavers

      River Oaks can create an outdoor kitchen experience with pavers that fits the general design of your home and backyard. Pavers are resilient, durable, easy to maintain, and stand up to harsh weather. From a design perspective, brick has a beautiful finish and rustic charm that can easily stand out and look great in your backyard.

    • Acrylic Stucco

      Acrylic stucco is a lightweight, waterproof, cement based mortar that is spread thinly over a solid backing that offers homeowners a clean or modern look. In addition to its durability it can also be pigmented or painted after it has cured, or textured with a trowel.

    • Stone Veneer

      Stone veneer is used as a protective and decorative covering for exterior or interior vertical walls and surfaces. The veneer is typically 1 inch thick and must weigh less than 15 pounds per square foot (73 kg/m2) so that no additional structural supports will be required. River Oaks can help you design and install an outdoor kitchen to enhance any backyard or patio.


    Get the best pricing and selection on all your Outdoor Kitchen Project needs.  We have a large selection of Outdoor Grills, Sinks, Smokers, Doors, Drawers, Refrigerators, Burners and more.

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    Stainless Steel Appliances

    When it comes to outdoor kitchen cabinetry and accessories, stainless steel is the number one choice for North Florida homeowners. In addition to its clean, professional feel, stainless steel has a long life span and is easy to keep clean. 

    Many brands offer weather-tight rain drawer gutters, sink bases and back panels for grills or cooktops. The popularity of stainless steel makes finding cabinets and accessories easy and budget-friendly.

    Rinse off and clean frequently with a cleaner and water. Any cleaner that is safe for glass is usually safe for stainless steel.

  • Paver Patios and DrivewaysInstallation and Maintenance

    Paver Patios and Driveways

    Pavers and stone are materials that add a natural rich beauty and always-existing look to your outdoor space. When used correctly, it can be a beautiful focal point and add depth to your outdoor living area.

    Some of the many ways that we can add pavers or stone to your yard include: patios, pathways, decks, and driveways. The material options available today offer a wide variety of colors, sizes and textures allowing you to customize and decorate your space to fit your personal taste and existing home aesthetics.


    Add a Natural Rich Beauty to any Outdoor Space

    • Patios and Decks

      For over two decades they have transformed the southern landscape with unrivaled hardscape products, and in addition to supply, regularly partner with River Oaks on special projects, Home Shows, and Expos throughout Northeast Florida.

    • Driveways and Paths

      As with patios and decks, the use of pavers and stone as a driveway and path material will add a natural rich beauty and timeless look to your outdoor yard and(or) curb. When used correctly, it can: change the approach to your home, properly shed water and eliminate unattractive cracking and concrete separation, be moved or manipulated at a later point should the need arise, and increase the value of your home.

    • Steps and Edging

      Steps can add a nice visual contrast to landscaping while providing a safe way to move around. They’re also great way to tackle a drainage issue and work well on sloped yards. Whether you’re looking to update old steps or create new ones, River Oaks can help you design and install steps to enhance any yard or patio.

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    We are North Florida’s Paving Experts

    We have a proven system for the fast reliable delivery of your materials and professional installation of your paving project. River Oaks offers a variety of paver designs to suit numerous styles and personal tastes. Contact our office today for a free no obligation quote.

  • Fire-pits and FireplacesInstallation and Accessories

    Fire-pits and Fireplaces

    Adding the element of fire is one of the most popular features you can add to an outdoor living space today. Fire pits and fireplaces offer a great entertainment option, and can be a beautiful focal point for your patio or yard.

    At River Oaks we use a variety of products to create the perfect outdoor firepit experience. Whether it’s stacked stone, stucco, or one of our beautifully engineered paver products, we have the technical expertise to create an outdoor living experience tailor made to your lifestyle. Contact us today for a professional assessment.


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  • Mulch and PinestrawInstallation and Maintenance

    Mulch and Pinestraw

    Choosing the best mulch or pine straw can make all the difference to your landscape or garden. The four below are typically fine for most if not all Northeast Florida applications:

    ▪ Pine Bark
    ▪ Cypress Mulch
    ▪ Pine Straw
    ▪ Rubber Mulch

    There are many benefits to mulching or adding pine straw to landscape beds including: keeping your lawn looking good, holding down weeds, and holding in moisture during drought.  Let our experienced landscape team clean out and trench your beds and install one of our premium mulches, for a manicured curb appeal today.


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