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At River Oaks, we know sometimes new sod is needed. Whether it’s new lawn creation, the replacement of grass damaged by drought, neglect or irrigation systems needing sprinkler repair, or residential or commercial landscaping or re-landscaping projects; we have knowledge and installation expertise to consistently install beautiful beds of grass that meet and exceed our customer’s needs.

Landscaping and lawncare are the backbone of the River Oaks family. Call us today to discuss you sod requirements or landscaping ideas.


Turf-grass and Lawn-Care are the Backbone of the River Oaks Family

  • St Augustine

    Looking for an adaptable sod well-suited to Florida’s climate? Then Floratam sod is the ideal choice. This thick, rich variety of St. Augustine grass thrives in full sunlight, is Florida Friendly, and is drought tolerant. If you want a sod that can deal with a range of soil conditions and performs well in the Florida environment, then Floratam is the sod you need to develop a beautiful landscape. With a full, plush appearance that brings out a marvelously textured green, you’ll set a new standard with your Floratam sod. And with delivery and installation available, you won’t even break a sweat bringing beautiful Floratam lawn to your property.

    Floratam Facts:
    • Adaptable to Many Soil Conditions
    • Plush Appearance
    • Prefers Full Sun Exposure
    • Regular Mowing Recommended
    • Drought Tolerant
    • Rapid Growth Potential
    • Thick, Wide Blades

  • Bermuda

    Celebration is an improved bermuda grass that offers exceptional performance. Celebration delivers everything a superior turfgrass should: durability, exceptional recovery, softness, drought resistance, and a beautiful color. Celebration is also the most shade tolerant Bermuda grass variety on the market. It has:  the Highest Shade Tolerance Available, High-Performance Durability, Exceptional Recovery, Variety of Uses and Applications, Soft, Lush Feeling, Beautiful and Striking Color.

    Tifway 419 is the most widely used Bermuda grass in the golf and sports field industry.

    Tifway 419 Facts:
    • Dense grass with a fine texture
    • Hybrid Bermuda Grass
    • Low-growing grass
    • Spreads rapidly once planted
    • Also available in Certified 419
    • Soft cushion ideal for walking or playing
    • Extra maintenance will provide you with extremely high-quality turf grass.

  • Zoysia

    Empire Zoysia® is a revolutionary medium based, dark green zoysiagrass that features excellent wear tolerance, requires less mowing and chemical applications and is cinch bug resistant. Empire is the perfect choice for most home lawns as well as golf applications. EMPIRE is The Proven Zoysia grass, thriving in areas where others are not well adapted.

    Empire Facts:
    • Classic Blue-Green Color
    • Soft-to-the-Touch Feel
    • Excellent Drought Tolerance
    • Proven Durability
    • Thrives in Many Climates
    • Minimal Mowing and Chemicals
    • Residential Uses
    • Commercial and Athletic Uses

  • Bahia

    Bahia is the best permorning turfgrass for non-irrigated landscapes.
    It requires a moderate amount of lawncare maintenance and mowing.

    Bahia Facts:
    • Low Input
    • Warm Season
    • Medium Utility Turfgrass
    • Light Green Color
    • Moderate Care Required
    • Survives in a variety of soils
    • Drought-Resistant Turf
    • Little Fertilization Required
    • Requires Regular Mowing

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Proven Lawn-care System

Our professional Lawn Care Consultants employ a system proven to give your new lawn the best opportunity to succeed and grow healthy, including:

Stripping out the affected areas to ensure the new sod has its best opportunity to bond with the soil, amending the soil with fresh topsoil and compost if needed, giving the new sod a strong foundation in which to grow, installing the new sod in a timely manner consistent with landscaping best practices procedures, and implementing a proper watering and follow up regime.