The two pillars of Irrigation have always been “Watering” and “Drainage”. In the Northeast Florida landscape, sprinklers are a beneficial addition to any home or property. With a new automatic sprinkler system installation, you can maximize both time and money, avoid over and under-watering, and conserve water to lower utility bills. The biggest perk of an automatic sprinkler system is the reduction in time spent on yard care.

Drainage is typically one of the most overlooked aspects of irrigation in a landscaping project. Fortunately, there are many drainage solutions that can help reduce excess water in your yard. The best solution for your property will depend on a number of factors, including the location and cause of your trouble spots.


Surface drains are a landscaping element added to the surface of your yard that acts as a drainage for a soggy lawn or water pooling after it rains. This type of drainage solution is often combined with other drainage systems, is an excellent way to evacuate water quickly, and will help keep your yard healthy and beautiful.

Surface drains lead water away from the home, structures, or areas where it pools, and into a main drainage system. At River Oaks, our irrigation experts can assess your yard and come up with a landscape drainage solution that works best with your situation.


In addition to maintaining your system we regularly service broken sprinkler heads, seal leaks, clean clogged lines, and repair or replace damaged (sometimes broken) components. We work with all sprinkler brands, and help restore your system then maintain it on a regular basis.

During the initial assessment and throughout the repair and maintenance process, each zone is evaluated and thoroughly checked for: Valve Locations, Leaks, Cracks, Clogs, Broken pipes, Damage, Wet spots, Sensors, Electrical components, Poor spray patterns and more. If your sprinkler system isn’t functioning at its best, let a qualified River Oaks irrigation specialist evaluate and restore it today.


One of the most common irrigation requests we have at River Oaks is the rerouting and reconfiguring of sprinkler heads. In addition to dry areas: general plant or weed growth, new lawn features, and paver projects are a few of the many reasons why customers call us to reconfigure their irrigation. If you’ve noticed certain areas of your lawn are missed or are not thriving, it may be time to have your sprinklers updated.

Our professional irrigation technicians at River Oaks are qualified to assess, discuss, and implement well thought out and cost effective watering strategies to fit the climate and area you live in. As your lawn grows and the features you add to it multiply, let the professionals at River Oaks handle your irrigation rerouting and reconfiguring needs.