Drainage Solutions

There are many symptoms of poor drainage: pooling water, rotting plants and soil, insect build-up. Solutions to these problems may require among other things: burying pipes from your downspouts, installing french drains and catch basins or grading swales on your property.

Proper drainage and grading allows your business or home to be protected from water and provides the foundation needed for plants and grass to thrive. Call to schedule an appointment today, and we’ll properly discuss and design a drainage solution that’s right for your property.

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French and Surface Drains

Standing water is typically a symptom of a more severe issue that when unchecked can often lead to bigger problems with your landscaping and foundation. One of the most common solutions for standing water or inefficient drainage in your yard is a French Drain system. French Drain systems use a slightly sloped trench filled with gravel, and a perforated pipe that collects water and carries it away from your yard. Surface drains are a landscaping element added to the surface of your yard that acts as a drainage for a soggy lawn or water pooling after it rains.  Surface drains lead water away from the home, structures, or areas where it pools, and into a main drainage system.  They are an excellent way to evacuate water quickly, and will help keep your yard healthy and beautiful.

Sump Pumps and Wells

When your home’s foundation sits below the water table, or tiered landscaping trap rain run-off at its lowest point, standing water can become a major issue. Using a pressurized water supply or an electrical system, the sump pump works to transfers water away from the house to a safer place. The two types of sump pumps available are generally known as pedestal and submersible, use your home’s electrical system to run, and use a sump basin to collect the water from around the foundation, crawl space, or basement. At River Oaks we will evaluate the situation, design an efficient drainage system that protects your home and foundation, and assist you in the proper selection and professional installation your sump pump or well.

Grading and Retaining

Anytime the surface’s grading causes water to pool in certain areas or the slope of your land is leaning toward your house, your property might experience structural damage. One solution for this kind of drainage problem is surface regrading or yard resloping. Both regrading and resloping involve moving large amounts of soil, and often some landscaping and hardscaping as well. Retaining walls, when implemented properly can be an effective yet aesthetic tool almost any property’s water management cycle. In addition to their beauty and elegance as a hardscape focal point, retaining walls also serve to: manage drainage, support slopes, level out areas, and add elements of design to your landscape.


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